Ташкент-память. Всегда помним и любим.
Мемориал памяти выдающихся и знаменитых людей, оставивших след в истории Узбекистана.

Памятники нуждающиеся в уходе, восстановлении и реставрации.

Деятели Узбекистана захороненные в других странах

Bukhara-Jewish cemetery 

Bukhara-Jewish cemeteryBukhara-Jewish cemetery is located in the area of the "Old town". The graves are dated back to 1945. The approximate number of graves exceeds 10,000 people. The cemetery consists of several sectors. The state of graves and tombs is good.

The relatives who still live in the country visit the graves on holidays and at date of death.

Famous people whose graves are located at the cemetery

There are some famous people whose graves are located at the cemetery: 

    • Composer, People's artist of Uzbekistan Suleyman Yudokov (died in 1990)
    • Doctor of philology sciences, professor N.M. Mallaev (died in 1996)
    • Honoured coach of Uzbekistan R.R. Davidov (died in 1963)
    • People's artist of Uzbekistan E. Kalantarov (died in 1984)
    • Honoured artist of Uzbekistan, professor Yu. Ishokov
    • People's artist of Uzbekistan M. Yakubova (died in 1987)
    • People's artist of Uzbekistan M. Leviev (died in 1990)





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