Ташкент-память. Всегда помним и любим.
Мемориал памяти выдающихся и знаменитых людей, оставивших след в истории Узбекистана.

Памятники нуждающиеся в уходе, восстановлении и реставрации.

Деятели Узбекистана захороненные в других странах

Grave care services

We offer you a full set of grave and tomb care services at the cemeteries of Tashkent city, Tashkent regions and other regions of Uzbekistan, including:

  • Search and expert evaluation of technical state of the funer (grave, tomb, burial vault).
  • Cleaning up the grave and surrounding place.
  • Regular care of funer (grave, tomb, burial vault).
  • Restoration works at the place of funer (grave, tomb, burial vault).
  • Additional services.

You can order our ritual services:

  • by visiting the section "Order form" and completing the proposed form.
  • by mailing us at tashkentpamyat2009@yandex.ru
  • by making us a phone call (from outside of Uzbekistan):
    • tel.: (+998 71) 2436039
    • tel.: (+998 90) 1080641

We can proceed with your order after the following information is received from you:

  • full name of the buried person;
  • name of cemetery, where the grave is located, its address (region, town, village);
  • sector number at the cemetery, where the grave is located;
  • grave (funer) number (if available);
  • dates of birth and death of buried person;
  • any other distinctive and remarkable facts related to grave.

If you have either death certificate or funeral certificate, please send us its copy to ensure the best and quick fulfillment of your order.

Photographs of the completed work will be sent to you FREE either by email or regular mail to the address you indicate.




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