Ташкент-память. Всегда помним и любим.
Мемориал памяти выдающихся и знаменитых людей, оставивших след в истории Узбекистана.

Памятники нуждающиеся в уходе, восстановлении и реставрации.

Деятели Узбекистана захороненные в других странах

Restoring of the grave

As a result of effects from frosts, winds, atmospheric precipitation and irregular care, the gravestones, tombs, monuments, burial vaults of your relatives and close friends may come to bad technical state. In these regards, we offer you the following restoration services on the graves:

  • cleaning up from the rust and replacing the rusting parts of metallic constructions of monuments, enclosures, etc. with subsequent painting them into original color;
  • polishing the monuments made from cement, concrete, marble crumb;
  • restoring the broken parts of marble and granite monuments;
  • restoring the inscriptions on monuments and tombstones;
  • restoring the photographs on monuments and tombstones (if the original one is available);
  • steering the monuments

This type of services is provided after the complete expert evaluation of the grave's technical state is undertaken and certain price agreement between parties is reached. The customer is being sent photographs both before and after the works.




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